New App to Predict Weather on Your Calendar

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A new app that lets the users see the predicted weather on any date is called Weather Up. / Photo by: georgejmclittle via 123rf


It can be very frustrating when travelers make plans ahead of time, only for these plans to be cut short due to storms or even snow. While there are a great number of weather apps that can be found in the Apple App Store and can accurately forecast the weather for the coming week, a new app does it a bit differently. Weather Up offers Event Forecasts, which are forecasts that sync with the user’s calendar so that the user can see the predicted weather on any particular date. 

Weather Up has a lot of features that are customizable, so the user isn't forced to use the app's features on all the events on their calendar. The user can target specific events and choose where to apply the weather forecasts. The app is not new, and was under a different name, called Weather Atlas, just last year. The app was subsequently revamped due to issues with retention and was overhauled for better experience and reliability.  David Barnard, a developer from Launch Center Pro, stated, “Apps that don’t take off are often abandoned, but the weather category is just so interesting to me [that] I’m going to keep pushing until I carve out a decent niche. And I think Weather Up is a great step in the right direction.” He also stated that a lot of time was spent on making the app intuitive and user-friendly. With smaller app icons, as well as a more reliable interface, the new version of the app has been receiving promising reviews.

The app is already available on the App Store and, while it’s free (although the pro feature set is available at $9.99/year or $1.99/month), there are many ways that the company has been trying to help with monetization. They now have a store that sells shirts, mugs, hats and other accessories with the app's new icons.