Genies Launches New App With Gucci Collaboration

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A new app created by a startup and has a support from Gucci featured an avatar-to-avatar communication using AI / Photo by David Adams Kess via Wikipedia


Genies, a creative startup that was co-founded by Akash Nigam and Evan Rosenbaum, has just launched the first mobile app that is specifically designed to support avatar-to-avatar communications using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This new app does not only feature a lot of customizability, but has support from Gucci, one of the most renowned fashion brands of all time.

This new version of the Genies app was originally launched as a beta early this year, and now features 3D motion picture quality digital ‘clones’ of the app's users in the form of an avatar. This was then presented on the patent-pending ‘Wheels’, and now has more than one million different customization options that encompass practically anything you could think off, from likes, dislikes, skin tone, hair color, clothes, and so on. This means that the avatar each user can make is unique and makes for a truly interesting experience. This new app can be integrated into popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more, so that users can communicate and send out these avatars and pictures to people across the specific platform. The app even uses AI technology and different algorithms to detect more than 180 dimensions of mood changes and human expression through digital mediums. The very first global advertiser of the app has been Gucci, providing the app with exclusive luxury avatar apparel. Alongside this partnership, any user can then outfit their Genies with 200 different pieces of high-fashion clothing based on a real-life collection. The user's avatar can also make use of a number of Gucci-themed actions.

This might be just the beginning for this app, but its developers have already provided their users with different options and customizability making the app stand out out from the rest. While Gucci is the first of Genies' partners, it most likely won't be the last.