MongoDB Atlas Now Available for Free on Microsoft Platform, Azure

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Each user of MongoDB Atlas using Microsoft Azure have 512 MB free storage. / Photo by: Максим Кузубов via 123rf


MongoDB is one of the leading database services all over the world. Competing with big names like Hadoop and Spark, they have been expanding their reach, as well as their services, on different platforms. To that end, Microsoft has announced that they will be giving users access to MongoDB Atlas for free on Azure. This free tier on the platform will be known as M0, and any user who opts to use this service is supposed to get 512 MB of storage for free. While this amount of storage isn’t a lot, it is considered the ideal amount for anyone who wants to learn about MongoDB, prototyping, as well as managing the service.

The Atlas version would be able to run the latest MongoDB version as well, and has the ability to automate different time-consuming administrative tasks like backup management, upgrade downloads and general set up. This could make first-time users have an easier experience, as they will also have the improved interface to work with. Through this, users will be able to understand the platform and improve as they use it over time. When users deploy the clusters on Azure, the databases are meant to run according to the best security and operational practices. Like all the other cluster types of MongoDB, Microsoft stated that those opting for the free tier would still be able to provide users with end-to-end encryption, high availability, and the ability to manage upgrades more efficiently. The M0 clusters would also allow users to perform different actions like creating, reading, updating, and deleting their data directly from the built-in Data Explorer that will streamline the development process. Donald Peterson, the senior partner development manager at Microsoft Azure, stated, “This announcement is a part of our broader goal to give our customers immense choice and make it incredibly easy to get started on Azure for anyone in the world.”

Although MongoDB Atlas is available in 26 different Azure regions, the free tier is currently limited to East US, East Asia, and West Europe.