New Security Device by Abode Promises Multiple Functions

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Iota is Adobe's new smart home security device that can connect to the Internet using Ethernet or Wi-Fi / Photo by Rclassenlayout via 123RF


Abode has just released their new smart home security device. This new device sports a 1080p security camera, motion sensor, and a gateway (hub for the security system) all in one, making it possess a lot of functionality and flexibility for different situations. While a device like this would generally be difficult to use -- as Abode's existing system was met with much confusion because of its complexity -- the combination of the new device's functions does not seem to pose the same problems.

The Abode Iota has the ability to connect to the Internet using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, as well as has a battery that lasts for more than six hours of operation, so that users can be sure the device works even when the power is out. To top it off, the device has an optional 4G connection, in case the same happens to the Internet connection, and can work off data services to function for even longer. This isn’t the first time Abode has tried to do something like this, with the existing system attempting to do offer the same functions but which had the added complexity of wires as well as the need to connect to the router directly. Regardless of the model, both of these devices are compatible with third party integration with products from Nest, Ecobee, Philips Hue, as well as Z-Wave and Zigbee wireless protocols. This makes it a cost effective and powerful device that is capable of functioning through difficult issues like power outage and even drops in internet connectivity.

Currently, the Abode Iota is available for preorder at a discounted Black Friday price of $259 (which is normally $329) on their dedicated website. An additional $30 would add a Connect Plan to make the device work with 4G backup connectivity, and $20 on top of that would add the Secure Plan, which adds a 24/7 monitoring system to ensure that the device works 100% of the time.