New Chromebook Codenamed 'Eve' Specs, Release Rumors: Features Include Google Assistant, Fingerprint Scanner for Better Security

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Codenamed "Eve," Google's new Chromebook is said to be the next high-end device by the technology giant. According to reports, one of the best features of the upcoming gadget is its Google Assistant, which is the same smart assistant used by other devices running Android Nougat.

Speculations about the upcoming Chromebook were first spilled by Chrome Unboxed, which revealed that Google had been working on the device since October last year. According to the site, Eve will have a button dedicated to initiating Google Assistant. Although some technology enthusiasts may be familiar with how Google Assistant works, it is difficult to predict how it will work on Eve, since its functions differ in every device.

Google has yet to reveal the complete functions of Eve's Google Assistant, but there were rumors that this will allow Chromebook users to use voice commands when waking the device up. There are also speculations that the functionality of the Google Assistant on Chrome OS will be pretty much the same as its use on the Google Home smart speaker and other mobile devices.

Considering how Apple and Microsoft have recently taken strides to integrate smart assistants into their laptops, having Google Assistant as one of the features of its upcoming Chromebook is seen as a smart move for the company. Some rumors also point out that the upcoming device will also feature a fingerprint reader, which is a first for Google. This fingerprint scanner is expected to provide more security to the device.

If rumors are true that Google started working on the device in October, that means the device has spent more or less eight months now in development. Other reports claim that Eve will have a pixel resolution display of 2,400 x 1,600 with a 3:2 aspect ratio. It is also expected to sport a Kaby Lake processor and will presumably be a convertible laptop that features a backlit keyboard, stylus and a top-of-the-line trackpad.

Google has yet to announce when the Eve Chromebook will be out.

Photo By: Vince Smith / Flickr