Cyber Attacks: Ready For More?

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To think that cyber attacks hurt pixels alone and not people is a big fallacy. Cyber intrusions can wreak havoc in your life by stealing private emails, compromising your identity, and emptying your bank accounts - and that's just a start. Cyber attack is a real danger that affects people.

Recently, malware called Petya spread across the globe and locked up computer systems that manage airline flights, oil companies, container ships, electrical grids, banks , ports, container ships, and government ministries. It even affected Chernobyl, scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident, by making the computers monitoring radiation silent. It may be just a matter of time before a cybe rattack happens to a hospital, for example, throwing it into darkness and causing patients to suffer or even die. The question is, are we ready for more?  

A more recent attack was a worm that causes a computer to lock up and ask for ransom from the user in bitcoin (anonymous digital currency) before offering the password. Some researchers think that the hackers' goal wasn't the ransom but the intention to destroy and sow chaos among users. The perpetrators remain unknown. While everyone wishes for a magic solution to cyber attacks, the only hope you can hang on to at the moment is vigilance and defense in protecting all-important critical infrastructure.  

Image: HypnoArt / Pixabay