Apple Buys Finnish Sleep-Tracking Company


Purchase of Beddit could bring sleep-analysis features to the Apple Watch and other iOS devices.

Apple has announced its acquisition of Beddit, a Finnish maker of sleep-tracking devices.

Beddit products include the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor, a line of sensors that fit under your bed’s sheets to track your movements at night. The sensors are designed to communicate results to the Apple Watch and other iOS devices.

The Apple Watch’s fitness features include workout measurement and a meditation-support app called Breathe, but the company doesn’t currently offer its own sleep-monitoring app.

Sleep-tracking is a popular feature on dedicated fitness-tracking devices that compete with the Apple Watch. Those who have tried to implement sleep-tracking on the Apple Watch have been stymied by the device’s battery life: practically speaking, the Apple Watch requires overnight charging. This means users aren’t wearing it and the Apple Watch can’t monitor movements to analyze sleep patterns.

Apple has demonstrated that it understands the importance of sleep in maintaining fitness and health. For example, last year the company added a Bedtime tab to the Apple Watch’s Clock app. The tab allows users to customize bedtime reminders to ensure they get a good night’s shut-eye.

Apple has not announced if it intends to continue selling Beddit’s existing line of sleep monitors or if it purchased the company primarily for its sleep-analysis software.