Google Allo web version nears its launch

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Google is set out to release a web version of one of its mobile apps, Google Allo. 

Launched in 2016, Google Allo is a mobile messaging app available to  iOS and Android users. Having some similar features with its competition, these Google messaging apps compete with those of the other companies like Facebook Mesenger, Facetime (Apple),, and Skype (Microsoft), among many others.

Following its release, many users have been requesting for a desktop version and the tech giant company seems to have heard them.

In February, Google Vice President of Communications Products Nick Fox teased its users with a fresh image of Allo's desktop interface which he shared via a Tweet along with a description saying, "Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you...  #GoogleAllo #SneakPeek"

Head of Products for Google Allo Amit Fulay replied to a Twitter user who asked about the said product's web version last week.

"On it ... few more weeks," Fallay responded.

Google Allo's web version could potentially replace Hangouts, another one of Google's instant messaging apps released earlier to replace Google Talk. 


Photo by: Carlos Luna via Flickr