Australia's smartphone-controlled home brewer soon in the US


Americans will soon get their hands on Australia’s first fully automated personal brewer after the crew at BrewArt launched a brand-new Kickstarter campaign to bring their two-machine home brewing system stateside.

Kickstarter is a global community that helps fund creative people and projects. 

BrewArt’s brewing process is handled by its BeerDroid.  The operation is so simple even inexperienced brewers can turn out delicious beers at home. BeerDroid also uses pre-packaged ingredients, which BrewArt sells as BrewPrints. You can stick with one of their recipes and whip up a batch that mimics a popular brand, or piece together individual packets to craft a beer of your own design.

BeerDroid's built-in Wifi connectivity lets you control it remotely using your smartphone.  With BrewArt’s mobile app, one can make tweaks to the brew or activate the BeerDroid with a push of the button.  The BeerDroid can also send push notifications to make sure you are kept up to speed. It even monitors the fermentation process for you -- no need for manual testing!

Store and serve the perfect mug of home-brewed beer with BeerDroid's perfect companion -- the BeerFlo.  BrewArt’s temperature-controlled beer dispenser lets you pull a pub-quality pint with no need of hooking it up to a CO2 tank. 

One can also put together his own kegging system or bottle your beers with BrewArt’s line of accessories.  

Brew any style of beer you want in your own home.  An early pledge can get you a BeerDroid for only $495.  The complete kit -- a BeerDroid, a BeerFlo and everything you need to craft and share your first beer -- is going for $995.

Photo by: viganhajdari via Pixabay