How to Start a Career in Cybersecurity

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There is a need to study in order to successfully become an expert on cybersecurity/ Photo By Timofey_123 via Shutterstock


Ever since people realized that technological advances aren’t going to stop anytime soon, more and more of them started to try and have a gauge for the systems, leading to more people not only learning, but also pioneering some additional offers that had risen along with the development.

In a world as easily connected as ours, Quora contributor and HackerOne CEO  Mårten Mickos shared to Forbes what people interested in working in the field of cybersecurity need to remember when they enter the workforce.

First, he advised that people should “start learning and start doing.” For Mickos this is because, in the technological world, things are usually patterned and easy to crack if you know which clues to look for. However, he added that people interested would still need to go at it with adequate “skill, tenacity, and patience” since he said that these are the things that will make one a good hacker.

There’s also a great need to study. Mickos clarified that it’s not enough sometimes if you can hunt a bug and start the process of eradicating it. He said that there is a need to study in order to successfully become an expert on cybersecurity. It’s a lucrative business, yes, and one that most companies need now on account of most going digital, but in the middle of all that, educational attainment is still crucial.

Mickos also advised that even if you yourself don’t think you have the skills required for a full-on hacker job, there are still fields in the realm of cybersecurity that deal with people. These areas allow other cybersecurity personnel to feel less insecure if they do not have the extensive jargon of tech down pat.

They can still explore a related path of cybersecurity work where they foster talent and help others who are also interested in understanding the ins and outs of the business.