Cloud Streaming: The Future for Fortune 500 Tech Companies

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Magazine Fortune released a list of companies that are now relying to cloud computing for their operations / Photo by: Jane Boyko via Flickr


The world is becoming increasingly connected and to be able to take advantage, Fortune 500 is taking a page out of Google’s book and turning to cloud computing systems to “stream” their products there instead.

Malay Mail reports that these Fortune 500 tech and media companies took up this task after Google announced that they too would turn their attention to video game-streaming opportunities provided for them by the inevitable fact that streaming seems to be the worldwide trend for content consumption these days.

The companies are now hoping to hop on the trend that Google understood was being brought about when they released “Stadia,” their revolutionary offering and venture for a more “cloud-based video-game streaming service,” which lets users combine their video game interests. Stadia will allow users not only to play or watch other players gaming (as has been the recent trend), but will also connect their devices like never before, the software allowing PCs, tablets, and smartphones interact on the service.

All across the board, even other big companies like Apple and Disney are also planning their own subscription services, with Disney announcing development on a streaming service around the same time that DC comics also did.

Disney’s streaming platform, called “Disney Plus,” will work on a more exclusive manner as they pool all their original content in the platform and out of their original partner, Netflix.

Apple has yet to announce their own streaming venture although recent reports are already indicating that it’s well underway, if the special event announcement that the company will be holding in Cupertino, California is anything to go by. Apple may use the same big data strategy that Netflix has employed because they are planning on more original content as well, like what Netflix has become known for.

It’s this trend that also brought AT&T to improve HBO and Turner’s roster of content offerings.