URBAN-X Alumnus Leads Innovations in Autonomous Vehicles


One company named Lunewave Inc. developed a technology that can advance self driving innovations with a full circle field of vision and optimal clarity for the car's "eyes" / Photo by: Ekaterina Volkova via Wikimedia Commons


Innovative tech company Lunewave Inc. has developed a technology that could advance self-driving innovations with a 360-degree field of vision and optimal clarity for the "eyes" of autonomous vehicles.

Lunewave applied and got accepted in a tech startup accelerator program called the URBAN-X, which seeks to boost startups with in-house experts through focusing on product and customer development for future fundraising preparation, tech site Futurism reports.

It adds that since Lunewave was accepted in the accelerator's Cohort O3 program, the startup became a venture-backable business equipped with a fully crafted go-to-market strategy, fundraising plan, and high-design product.

Lunewave also recognized and developed a working prototype needed to comprehend a future with autonomous cars: high-end, 3D-printed "eyes" for self-driving vehicles. Amid the hype of such vehicles, they can only operate when they can surpass a human driver's ability to "see," and the Arizona-based company is fulfilling that promise.

According to Futurism, the tech firm has demonstrated proof-of-concept with BMW's Startup Garage at a Germany test track since completing its program under URBAN-X. The tech site adds that the demonstration was a crucial milestone for Lunewave's development as it was able to raise $5 million in seed investment from Fraser McCombs Capital, Baidu Ventures, SAIC Ventures, and BMW iVentures.

The company has now started to hire top talent to continue its development of pioneering radar and antenna technologies, becoming the leader in accelerating the deployment of self-driving vehicles.

Lunewave was founded in 2017 by Hao Xin, John Xin, Min Liang, and Sherry Byon in Tucson, Arizona with focus on research and development in microwave and millimeter wave frequency engineering. Meanwhile, URBAN-X is based in Brooklyn, New York and seeks up to 20 potential companies every year. The program holds an immersive process that lasts for 20 weeks, which includes an investment of $150,000 into each company.