Dyson Introduces “Well-being” Gadgets Alongside Their Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning company Dyson will introduce two products this year, a wireless vacuum cleaner and a "well-being" gadget that can give consumers access to clean air / Photo by: Your Best Digs via Wikimedia Commons


Dyson has announced that at the same time that they will be releasing a new cordless vacuum cleaner in the market, they will also couple it with two “well-being” products that will give consumers access to cleaner air as well as a sort of smart lamp “that adjusts with natural daylight to provide the right kind of light for the time of the day.”

Because of their products’ nature, it’s also not surprising to know that these will not come at a cheap price, as Metro UK reports that the clean-air gadget, dubbed the Dyson Pure Cool Me fan, will retail for a pricey £299.99 (around US$300), while the Dyson Lightcycle lamp retails at £649.99 (around US$800).

Of these two, it’s actually the Cool Me fan that the company is most proud of, touting it as the first “personal air treatment machine” after managing to compact the features of an air-treatment machine to a size that easily fits into rooms, whether they be in a corner, beside a table, on a desk, and even in a nursery.

The company also says that the Cool Me fan’s other advantage is that it’s able to detect and capture about 99.95% of particle pollutants.

On the other hand, their Lightcycle lamp is also equipped by the company with the ability to discern and track local daylight flooding in residents’ houses, having the capacity to know whether the light that it gives off should be cool or warm. Because of these features, Dyson also says that they are confident that the Lightcycle lamp can also improve consumers’ mood and health, hence the “wellbeing” tag.

According to Sir James Dyson’s son, Jake, this is all part of Dyson’s commitment to investing in science and technology products that help “improve” everyday life.

“By combining hardware and software, we develop intelligent machines that solve real problems and support your well-being,” he adds.