AI Will Soon Be the Key to Business Success


One Forbes article reported that artificial intelligence will now be a "recipe" for success in most businesses in the future / Photo by: Ninaras via Wikimedia Commons


Artificial Intelligence strategies will now be in the future driving most businesses’ success, and right now the clamor for AI strategies is beginning. Forbes’ writer Bernard Marr shares two ways in which AI can change the way we look at businesses from here on out.

First, AI strategies help companies produce more intelligent products and services. This happens because AI is naturally focused on making the machines around us work better. That is, that they can “think and act like humans” enough that they can be used more efficiently.

Already, there have been smart devices assisted and helped become successful by AI, such as smart fitness trackers and smart thermostats. These products are just some of the few advances that AI has managed and will continue to manage to make everything easier.

Intelligent initiatives also give consumers access to better social media experiences, as well as more helpful Google searches. We already know that social media relies on AI for its functions, and there’s surely more of that in the future.

The second way in which AI will be able to help businesses in the future is by optimizing the business process itself in the workplace. In big factories, AI can also be used to improve productivity in production lines. On top of that, AI technology can also be used in what is called “predictive maintenances.”

The way it works is that AI devices built with sensors will be given the ability to monitor the other devices on whether they are performing at their peak or failing. It’s a preventive measure that helps predict the failure of a machine before it disrupts the progress of the production line.

AI can also extend in the customer service realm where they can be programmed to interact with customers because they are now equipped with software that detects and recognizes natural language processing.