Volvo Chief Says Premature Release of Self-Driving Technology Could Pose Risks


Volvo chief warns of risks of premature release of self driving technologies that are in a trend today / Photo by: Matti Blume via Wikimedia Commons


The incredibly automated world is experiencing big changes through the advancement of technology, that is, although largely considered helpful, also pose as a threat that the car industry is still not quite ready for, as stated by Volvo Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson.

The Financial Times reports that Samuelsson made this statement in order to make sure that no rash decisions are made in the development of self-driving or autopilot technology, as this has the real-world risk of endangering people and pedestrians.

In what Samuelsson touted as the “best lifesaver in the history of the car,” he also placed responsibility, particularly to those who intend to make it the norm for future cars.

Samuelsson told the Financial Times that no matter the car industry’s struggles to remain on top of their game through these highly competitive times, it’s still important that car companies and carmakers remain responsible for their modifications and their advancements.

He also added that if the autopilot was rolled out too early, it might just as surely be held back again since the risk of endangering anyone when the rollout is done without much analysis and study might “kill a technology that might be the best lifesaver in the history of the car.”

Samuelsson’s comments came just in time, though, since Volvo itself is launching a new safety campaign that aims to address several other issues connected to most car accidents, such as drunk driving, smartphone distraction, and speeding—real-world problems that need more attention.

According to Samuelsson, Volvo is in the process of trying to alleviate those kinds of precedents on the road as a way to “spark change across the industry.”

Through that kind of attention, Samuelsson also added that when introducing such a big change in the car industry, the first thing that needs to be done is actually making sure the car is equipped with everything it may need by the time the carmakers truly roll out this kind of technology.

“Doing it without being absolutely convinced the car can handle that [situation] safely, then I think it’s irresponsible,” he said.