Google Unveils Their Own Video Game Streaming Platform “Stadia”

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Google will release this year their own video game streaming platform named Stadia / Photo by: Austin McKinley via Wikimedia Commons


Google is taking advantage of the paradigm shift in gaming that puts players on the interconnected spectrum of video game streaming, as it unveiled on Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco their very own platform called “Stadia.”

As reported by Yahoo Finance, there is no price revealed yet that would say if the service would be economical for most people, but chances are, it might not be. Other than that, there’s also not a lot of news on whether Google will introduce or offer subscriptions that would come when Stadia’s other details are announced.

The only information available, however, is that Google’s Stadia will give players the chance to pick up their play regardless of which browser they are currently on, giving a completely Google-themed flair to the technology first introduced to offer streaming on different devices.

In this case, Stadia will allow gamers and users to be able to “jump across devices operating on Google’s Chrome browser and Chrome OS, such as Pixel phones and Chromebooks.”

This has been the same throughout other media formats, with music and movie viewing shifting to a more streaming-centric representation.

Such that Google’s own Vice President Phil Harrison said, quite inspiringly, that “the new generation of gaming is not a box,” which is a more or less accurate statement to describe the shift of entertainment to more cloud-based streaming.

In this connected world, Google’s vision—and indeed its parent company Alphabet’s—is to make gaming readily available to users, so that there will come a time when a simple “Play Now” option will let users jump right into their game without needing to download anything.

Harrison clarified, though, that Google is merely expanding on video-game streaming technology that is already readily available in the market, and that even if Google has introduced the platform in a positive light, they understand that these changes “won’t replace traditional game devices overnight.”