Windows 10 Interface Change Speculations are on ‘Shaky Ground’—TechRadar

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One article in website TechRadar said that the Windows 10 interface change must be taken cautiously as rumors of bringing the Fluent Design magic to File Explorer circulate / Photo by: okubax via Flickr


Exciting news on Windows 10 interface change should be taken in caution, said tech online publication TechRadar, as rumors of Microsoft bringing its Fluent Design magic to File Explorer circulate.

File Explorer refers to the windows in which users can browse their files and folders on their desktop. Italian tech site HTNovo reported that the interface might see major revamps next year thanks to the software company's Fluent Design, which was said to be integrated into the massive update in the first half of 2020.

While the news seems rather exciting, TechRadar says the speculation should be taken with a grain of salt since it "seems rather shaky to say the least." It adds that the File Explorer will not only benefit from Fluent Design with a new look, it will also have additional functionality as well.

The HTNovo report stated that the File Explorer will gain new support for different apps and services linked to the user's Microsoft account for faster and more convenient access. It added that the Sets feature will also be included in the update and is expected to come back to preview versions of Windows 10 in the coming months.

The article included concept images of what the interface redesign might look like mocked-up by a certain Michael West, whom HTNovo credited as an 'integral designer' at Microsoft. However, TechRadar later found out that West is actually a Windows Design MVP (an external expert who makes significant contributions to the company) and who is set to join the software company this year as a design intern.

It was also found that the Italian tech site did not specify the source of the speculation on the File Explorer revamp. "So, all in all, that leaves this particular rumor on rather shaky ground, as we said at the outset," the online tech publication said.