Data Security is Now Top Concern for IT Leaders

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Information technology makers have many things to do but data security is their top priority / Photo by: Daderot via Wikimedia Commons


IT decision makers are faced with multiple challenges, but data security is the topmost concern, a Tuesday Adobe survey shows.

Out of a thousand IT leaders from the United States polled, 47 percent considered date security is at the top of their priority list, TechRepublic reports. Respondents said these challenges include ensuring data is secured, customers will be able to act upon it, and that data can easily move through the myriad systems that organizations have set up.

While firms are zooming in on data security, there are still other management issues in place. TechRepublic says struggling with the large amounts of data available in organizations typically looks like a top challenge. However, another aspect of managing data also scored higher as a challenge among the surveyed IT leaders.

"Surprisingly, having too much data is one of the least-cited challenges; actually using the data effectively is a much more important issue," said Ronell Hugh, head of product strategy and marketing for Adobe Experience Platform.

A whole 63 percent of those polled stated they were able to successfully integrate various data sources. Meanwhile, 59 percent said they managed to clean their data to cut down inaccuracies, and 59 percent said they were able to effectively use the data in personalizing it for their customers.

Coming in next is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Nearly 90 percent of IT leaders polled said they see a boost in using AI and machine learning technology in their future, although 40 percent cited that implementing AI is among their top concerns.

The survey also revealed a disconnect in AI between IT teams and the business aspect of many organizations, with merely half of the IT leaders surveyed expressing positive feedback regarding the effectiveness of their existing AI and machine learning solutions.

Technologies that were seen as improving customer experience include AI, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), voice, immersive technologies (including virtual and augmented realities), and chatbot technology.