Samsung Has Another Foldable Smartphone Different From the Galaxy Fold


Tech company Samsung will now introduce more patented folding smartphones and tablets more than the Galaxy Fold / Photo by: Irdnam via Wikimedia Commons


Samsung has added a new design to its lineup of patented foldable phone models, coming in a month before it debuts its first foldable smartphone in the United States, according to a tech news site.

Samsung has been among the most aggressive when it comes to experimenting with a foldable model, seeing its patent of what seems to be the most varied lineup of the said phone segment. The introduction of its first foldable smartphone comes at a time when the prospect of a bendable form feature has rapidly spread out across the global smartphone industry.

Technology news site BGR says one of the Korea tech conglomerate's most recently revealed design illustrates a smartphone that can unfold to the size of a tablet, sporting a screen both on the inside and outside. It adds that the company also patented another design, similar to the recently introduced Xiaomi foldable design, a display that can be bent on two sides around the main body.

Dutch tech news blog LetsGoDigital was the first to spot the approved patent, which depicts a phone that sports a large flexible display. Unfolding the two sides of the device lets the users have a tablet-sized gadget while folding them at the back shows a display that takes up the entire device.

The tech news site also reports that there are still no signs when or if Samsung would actually push through with this design.

However, one of the things that are easily notable from the patented documentation is the lack of connection ports for accessories like a charger or earphone plug. The smartphone maker is highly detailed when it comes to its patent drawings, so there have been speculations that the new design could feature wireless charging.

Moreover, the illustration seems to be a model that omits the need for a phone cover, which suggests that scratches would be taken more into consideration and danger to foldable mobile devices than they already are for existing smartphones.

LetsGoDigital noted that the new design seems to be an advanced model, probably a projection of Samsung's intention to introduce new foldable mobile devices every year.