Apps That Can Help You In Silly and Important Ways

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Everything has an app these days and now, there are now apps that can help people even in some silly ways / Photo by: AJEL via Pixabay


These days, it seems like everything has an app.

Hungry? You can download a popular restaurant’s app for deliveries. Need some help getting from one place to another? You can call a cab through phone and communicate with the driver there.

Admittedly, apps connected to commodities like food and drinks, or those geared toward convenience, like Uber or Lyft, are the most popular apps. Life Hacker introduces some others as well, though, designed to help the traveler, or the one that’s new to adulting, or even one who just wants to know when to pee in the upcoming three-hour-long Avengers: Endgame movie.

First off, there’s Google Trips for those who spend time and money for their love of traveling. Google Trips is great for organization as it helps collate emails sent to your Google Mail account about various bookings you might have in other countries. By putting these together, Google then creates an itinerary for you, even helping out a little by indicating nearby attractions you might want to see.

The best part is that “it also works offline as it syncs the data locally.”

For those who always work with tight budgets but have no talent in the actual act of budgeting, Spendee has got you covered. The app lets users “track [their] expenses and income with a colorful interface that makes it easy to see the big ins and outs” of their bank accounts.

This app is best suited for those who are always budgeting while still studying in college.

Movie and series buffs can also benefit from apps like Hooks and Run Pee. As described by Life Hacker, Hooks lets users track their favorite TV series, since the app provides them with updates on when the latest episodes have been released. It also shows the results of the games of their favorite sports teams.

Meanwhile, Run Pee is a much more hilarious but still equally useful app for people who don’t like missing out on some of the best movie scenes. Run Pee provides information for the user about what time it would be okay to go and pee and not miss an important establishing scene in a movie.