AI Organizing Big Data Is a Boon to Healthcare Industry


Studies revealed that having an artificial intelligence can help hospitals and other healthcare institutions organize their data and it is a boon in the industry / Photo by: Carlos Figueroa via Wikimedia Commons


There is a clutter of data that’s perhaps truly unsurprising, considering that not everyone really knows how to store and organize digital data as of late. In order to fix that, AI can actually provide a solution that could help big data with the organization needed to make sure that the information is used efficiently and that it is not going to waste.

In a report by The Next Web, making sure that data is not cluttered is important for many sectors using the technology of big data, but none more so than in the medical world.

Recent studies had shown that improved diagnostic techniques have caused a rise in the amount of data that hospitals obtain from their patients. CTs and MRIs are those that get the bulk of the data load, as analysis of these numbers show that 82 images of a patient would be taken at an average CT exam in 1999. About a decade later, each patient now had about 679 images.

That 730 percent rise in the number is good news for fact-checking diagnoses, but if that data is not organized well enough, it might just prove to be useless.

In this aspect, AI helps because it will help medical professionals like radiologists sort out diseases, something they would have to do manually, wading in pools of data that are notoriously hard to collate.

AI can also lend its help in working out specific medical cases. The report read, “Some AI solutions prioritize cases, working out which cases should be seen by a doctor first because they have an urgent condition like an embolism.”

By having AI assist our path into more efficient big data collection, CT and MRI tests will benefit by being accessed more easily and faster. AI can also help take off some of the work that doctors have to go through each day, allowing them to take care of more patients while the AI program helps out with the more technical stuff.