Google To Shut Down Google+ for Good

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Google will now shut down its social media site Google+ due to its low usage / Photo by: Grendelkhan via Wikimedia Commons


Google is planning on taking down their Google+ social network after the platform kept reporting “low usage,” thus ending their competition with Facebook and Twitter, two social networks at the top of their game.

Google has admitted that its platform had not been getting the attention they had hoped for it and that it was unable to reach the company’s lofty expectations. By October last year, the plan to scrap Google+ was already underway, as Ben Smith thanked the work of Google’s engineering team on building the platform, but ultimately said that despite this, Google+ was not able to appeal to users the way Facebook and Twitter and other social networks have managed to do.

Despite that, in the short time that Google+ had been available, regardless of whether they were able to compete with Facebook, some users who were able to use the platform liked it for its more topic-focused discussions, which was, as they described it, a significant improvement to the environments of Facebook and Reddit.

The Verge reported that on top of shutting down Google+, the company will also wipe out all the consumer accounts. In an email to The Verge, Google announced that they have begun the shutting down process this morning. Additionally, the move could also have come from the fact that the platform also suffered two data leaks that put the information of millions of Google+ users in jeopardy.

Initially, both the leaks were underreported, with the first one actually being kept secret by Google from public scrutiny, but as the same thing happened again on a second data leak, the company had no choice but to take down the platform by accelerating shutdown plans by four months.

That means that the platform is set for complete and total shutdown by the end of April, as opposed to the original August deadline.