China Likely to be World Leader in AI Technology by 2030

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China is now said to be the leader in artificial intelligence overlapping the United States by 2030 / Photo by: Xiaochen0 via Pixabay


China is in a chaotic back and forth with the United States, thanks to the trade tensions that are still pervading, but despite that, the country is determined to ensure a brighter future for its technology, working tirelessly to bring about a nation that is fully functional and helped by artificial intelligence. reports that this unwavering determination to work on improving the country’s AI technology is yielding significant progress already. This is because even though the United States is taking steps into improving industries with AI (such as in healthcare), China has managed to do more than that, clocking in unprecedented progress when it comes to AI.

Proof of this has been circulating and is information readily available to the public, what with China publishing more papers on AI compared to the US, so that this year, it will be ahead in the “most-cited 50 percent of papers,” and by next year, it will be the most-cited 10 percent of papers, and by 2025, it will be “in the top 1 percent,” according to a report by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The pace is aggressive, too, so much so that even though the US is on China’s tail in the race for the most AI-assisted country, China is still way ahead at 85% while the US is at a mere 51%. America is followed closely by France and Germany at 49%, and then Switzerland at 46%.

This data from the Allen Institute, when analyzed, will put China as a world leader in AI by 2030. mentioned that the dynamic of the country’s governing system is also partly to thank for since it’s usually the case that when the ruling Communist Party gives an order to invest in more AI tech, Chinese companies will always abide.

At the moment, China’s biggest companies following the AI path are Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, all active participants in the country’s “well-capitalized and highly organized AI plan.”