Beats to Release Powerbeats Pro to Compete With Apple’s AirPods


Beats headset will release new wireless headset named Powerbeats to compete with Apple's Airpods / Photo by: aixklusiv via Pixabay


If the memes don’t yet clue you in on just how widely visible the AirPods are, then you’ve probably not been on the internet long enough to come across it. But money disparities aside, Apple has managed to make sure that their products are being given attention, which is probably why Beats intends to take it upon themselves to challenge Apple.

In a report by The Independent, Beats is intending to release the new Powerbeats Pro earphones in an attempt to go head to head with Apple’s AirPods. Like the AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro’s main selling point is its wireless nature. What’s interesting is that Beats has used the same technology Apple had in making the AirPods, the H1 chip.

But because it’s Beats (yes, the speakers we keep seeing in most American pop stars’ music videos), they are claiming that they will make much the same wireless earphone technology but with better music.

Luke Wood, president of Beats, said as much. “Powerbeats Pro is a harmonious blend of premium sound, fit, and functionality. Powerbeats are already the number one fitness headphones in the world and they are now untethered, with all the benefits of the Apple H1 chip.”

Unlike the AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro comes in four colors: black, ivory, moss, and navy, and is a little pricier than the AirPods.

That’s right, just when you think no company can go higher in price range, they still can. While Apple AirPods retail for £159 (about $200), the Powerbeats Pro can easily set you back a good £219.95 (about $290).

Available in May “in a range of countries,” the Powerbeats Pro is basically just a wireless version of the company’s already existing Powerbeats earphones minus the cable that connects the two. Now that they are essentially not tethered to each other, each earphone can operate independently from the other.