Proactive Steps Needed for Cybersecurity Measures

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Some people think that cybersecurity is about making preemptive measures to prevent cyber attacks, there is more than what we think about cybersecurity / Photo by: Gorodenkoff via Shutterstock


A lot of people supposed that cybersecurity is all about taking preemptive measures. While that much is true, companies interested in securing their networks or other troves of valuable company data would benefit with also changing their mindset and begin implementing “solutions that take a comprehensive look and map all legitimate executions of an application based on the codes written by its creators.”

It’s tough work, all in all, but Dark Reading reports this is a necessary step.

Many companies are already taking steps to take advantage of the cyber aspect of the way they would normally run things in this new era, and the fact that hackers are always on the prowl is now part of the reality we are living.

By charting a course with a comprehensive mapping out the applications, companies can then “identify any inconsistencies or deviation from their source code.”

This becomes important when one understands that making sure the system is impenetrable is one of the first things that a company can do to make sure that their data is stored safely. Add to the fact that hackers and cybercriminals can very easily pose as employees, big companies with a wealth of corporate data will benefit from proactive steps toward cybersecurity.

Knowing the ins and outs of the source’s code of an application is also crucial to prevent cybercriminals from using or introducing malicious code into a system while also making it look like a “trusted application.” Apps like Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader are two of these trusted applications that some cybercriminals may use since both of these are “able to run code on an individual’s computer.”

By sweeping the application and doing the equivalent of bulletproofing a soldier for battle, companies can make sure the introduction of malicious code is prevented. Cybersecurity also allows big companies to ensure that their corporate information is locked under vault and key, saving them from the pains of having to spend money in the event that a hacker manages to extract sensitive information.