IBM Is Embracing the Path of Fully Integrating AI in the Workplace


Computer manufacturer and tech company IBM is now gearing towards full automation of their workplace / Photo by: Raysonho via Wikimedia Commons


Artificial intelligence (AI) has evidently gained traction in a lot of companies in terms of shifting employees to work on more meaningful tasks and setting aside the menial ones for the technology to handle. For IBM, the leap into AI takes a step further as they have announced that they will also be using AI to handle customer service calls.

The way they intend to do this is actually program complex sets of algorithms that will be able to gauge a customer’s voice depending on how “peeved” they sound. Humans, in this regard, are prone to misinterpretation, so IBM is planning to replace these with algorithms that will be loaded up with the necessary information so as to be able to accurately understand the customer’s level of urgency with a problem and adjust accordingly.

IBM consultant Aman Kochhar said about the proposed technology: “People interpret tones of voice differently, so they respond differently to customers. AI is not subjective. So it’s much more consistent.”

With the help of Kochhar and important information about AI use in the workplace, which she took courses for, IBM has begun pushing for heavy technological advancement led by AI.

Through the AI Skills Academy (AISA), IBM has employed a two-part system on the road to the introduction of AI in the workplace. The first step will see to it that employees are well aware that AI can be incorporated to assist with their own jobs within the company, from “creating marketing apps to improving supply chain efficiency.”

AISA is also seen as a tool that will help IBM employees in the realms of “consulting, sales, operations, and elsewhere how to collaborate with clients to use AI in their businesses.”

The training also helps equip other employees of the company, not just the techie ones, and has four levels, basic to expert. Already, 2,200 employees of IBM has started with the program since last year, and the company forecasts that by 2019, about 4,000 “graduates” will already have excelled in all four levels.