BBEdit Now Available Again on Mac App Store

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The Mac App Store will bring the editing software BBEdit back to its users / Photo by: FOXARTBOX via Shutterstock


Described by iMore as an “advanced programming software editor”, the BBEdit is now coming back to the Mac App Store.


First announced last June 2018, the app is finally returning to the Mac App Store, providing users of Mac computers with more quality apps ready for use. Initially, Apple’s tight app limitations forced developers of BBEdit, Bare Bones, to back off and pull out the app from Mac’s App Store, but after macOS Mojave launched, the developers were able to bring the app back.


Bare Bones almost instantly went back to the app store, expressing joy at finally being able to be available on the platform. In addition to the App Store redesign that helped BBEdit come back, Apple has also included subscriptions available for its users.


According to Bare Bones’ official statement on the matter, the macOS Mojave’s release was just as well, considering they had also been meaning to “provide the exact same user experience and feature set for all of our customers [sic].”


While the BBEdit could have just as easily taken steps in order to thrive outside the Mac Store, their return there is crucial for people who use the Mac Store for their apps. According to iMore, most users who trust the Apple’s app store are usually not as tech-savvy and put faith in Apple’s apps in large part because of the security they provide.


Unlike in other sources, downloading and installing apps from the Apple app store are easier for the users. Add that to the fact that they are also easy to use. BBEdit would need to establish its name, still, though, because admittedly, the shortcoming of the app stores is that they have not reconfigured their app discovery, which continues to be a “sore spot in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.”


Nonetheless, BBEdit is a quality app, which has the added advantage of Apple themselves giving it the spotlight treatment by App Store editors.