Unilever Uses AI as Part of its Marketing Efforts


Consumer goods manufacturer Unilever claimed that they are now using artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of their marketing strategy / Photo by: Judgefloro via Wikimedia Commons


Consumer goods company Unilever has claimed that it is using artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of its marketing, reports trade magazine Digiday.

The British-Dutch company reportedly has 26 data centers in different countries where scientists are using the technology to combine and make good use of different sources, including traditional marketing research, customer relationship management, and social listening in the hope that it will influence their marketing efforts. 

While the company admits that they have been using machine learning and AI for years when it comes to sorting out the structured data in their database, it has only been recently that they were able to achieve the same for the unstructured data. According to tech trends news provider Datamation, unstructured data is not structured in a pre-defined schema or data models. Structured data, on the other hand, is composed of data types that are clearly defined. While the two may differ, both play an important role for effective data analysis.

Digiday goes on that unstructured data makes the gathering of content harder. These contents may include text, social media, mobile activity, and audio. Now that AI works to sort out both structured and unstructured data for Unilever’s marketing, the company was able to expedite the process of searching for influencers. 

Influencer marketing focuses on influential people who can target a large market using social media. This is also sometimes referred to as testimonial advertising.

The technology also helps the consumer goods company to detect fake followers on said influencers. Then, the technology will pair up Unilever with the right influencers, based on gender, age, and other demographics. This is after the AI algorithms have sifted through various data sets. 

Aside from marketing purposes, the said tech is now being used by the company to recruit executives, including the company’s marketers. They likewise collaborated with AI company Pymetrics to create a hub that uses the same technology to determine the candidate’ logic, reasoning, and aptitude for the role being applied for.