This App Tells Users if a Waste Item is Recyclable or Not

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Researchers made an app that can determine if the waste is recyclable or not / Photo by: Shirley810 via Pixabay


Colorado-based nonprofit organization Yampa Valley Sustainability Council has recently launched an app that will make recycling convenient and easy by informing the users if a certain item is recyclable or not. This is according to Colorado US state news provider Steamboat Pilot.

After launching the Zero Waste program and with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by changing the way people purchase and discard food and everyday products, the YVSC launched the free Yampa Valley Recycles app to remove the guesswork when it comes to recycling. 

The app works by first searching for the waste materials in the Yampa Valley Recycles app. Then, it will display whether it can be disposed of, composited, or recycled. In the app preview in the App Store, the developer noted that the app now contains more accurate messages in case error occurs and has better user experience compared to the Waste wizard, an almost similar search tool that provides information on how to properly sort waste items and contains collection schedules so users can set reminders or alerts. 

With the Yampa Valley Recycles app, it is now more simplified and can be used either in the English or Spanish language version.

The developer has launched it in time for the upcoming Earth Day on April 22. The daily adds that although recycling is supposed to be an easy action to fight climate change, the task can sometimes be confusing. That is why the app was created. It contains a database that includes recyclables, such as glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic, and other hard-to-recycle waste items, such as light bulbs, appliances, paint, plastic bags, and electronics.

The app also contains a sorting game that adults and kids can use to test and improve their knowledge in recycling items. The app likewise supports the Family Sharing feature so family members can share the app in the same setting.