New iPhone App Allows Easier Info Clean Up and Privacy Control on Twitter, Google, and Facebook

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A new app for iPhone named Jumbo can now delete old Tweets, regulate privacy settings on Facebook and delete history on Google and Amazon Alexa / Photo by: Max Pixel


A new mobile app for iPhone called Jumbo allows users to automatically delete their old tweets on Twitter, employ Facebook privacy settings, and even delete their history stored by Google and Amazon Alexa.

The app is far from perfect, but CNBC says it's a good enough tool for those who are not aware of how to limit information given to some of the most popular services on the web. It adds that new features will be coming soon, which includes the ability to clear old Instagram videos and pictures, as well as delete old chat messages on Tinder.

CNBC states the feature that allows deleting old tweets on Twitter is most recommended for those who have public Twitter profiles and don't wish others to lurk and go back through years of random things they've tweeted about. But unlike other services, Jumbo lets the user make a backup of old tweets and save them on their iPhone.

In controlling Facebook privacy, the user can choose from three settings: weak, medium, and strong. The business news site says the strong setting means: "Most of your Facebook information will be only visible to you. Jumbo will disable face recognition and restrict ads." Jumbo adds that it does not change a setting to a "less restrictive option."

Moreover, the iPhone app can automatically delete the user's Google Search history as well. However, note that this only accounts for the surface of the information that Google has on its database, especially if one uses other services like Google Maps, which keeps track of the places they go.

Jumbo can delete voice recordings kept in Amazon Alexa, which means all of the clips of the user communicating with Alexa and asking it to do some tasks will be deleted.

To completely clean up one's history and stored data on the said services, all they have to do is log in their accounts on the respective apps on Jumbo, give it permission to access their profile, and simply tap the button that says "Start Cleaning." The app will then begin to "scrub" the user's online activity, which could take a minute or longer (depending on the amount of data stored on the apps).