AirPods 2 vs Powerbeats Pro: Which is better?


Apple is now making a new alternative wireless headphone for Airpods 2 named Powerbeats 2 / Photo by: LWYang via Wikimedia Commons


Apple Inc. just debuted the Powerbeats Pro, a wireless earbud alternative to the AirPods, just two weeks after it launched its second-generation AirPods 2. The release of the Powerbeats Pro has triggered a competition with the AirPods, which could put a dilemma on which product iPhone users should go for.

The Powerbeats Pro is more suitable for workout sessions, thanks to their in-ear tips and over-the-ear hooks that keep them in place, according to a review by tech news site CNET. It adds that the Powerbeats Pro's water-resistant exterior also helps in handling sweat that comes with intense workouts.

Meanwhile, the AirPods 2 is more sleek and functional; fit for everyday use especially during a commute or at the office. It's also less clunky and can be charged wirelessly in its case (granted additional payment)—a function not available for Powerbeats Pro.

For the price, the Powerbeats Pro sits at $250 a pair—that's nearly $100 more compared to the AirPods 2 at $160 (with the non-wireless charging case). CNET reports that the AirPods with the wireless charging case is tagged at $200 per pair, while the wireless charging case alone is $80.

The Powerbeats Pro may be more expensive, but the tech news site says its sound quality is better due to its closed design. Such a design is good at isolating sound, while the AirPods 2 design is more open and allows more ambient noise to flow through.

"This may make it a better fit during commutes when you want to be aware of your surroundings," CNET explains, pertaining to the AirPods 2.

Considering the combined battery power, the tech news site states the AirPods buds and the charging case allows for about 24 hours of use. But if one were looking at the buds on their own, the Powerbeats Pro can outlast the AirPod by around four hours—holding out for nine hours of listening time compared to the latter's five hours.

Charging time is also a breeze: with Powerbeats Pro, five minutes of charging is equivalent to about an hour and a half of listening time. Meanwhile, the same five minutes of charging gives users about an hour of listening with the AirPods.

Both devices work on iOS gadgets, can summon Siri with just the user's voice, and have sensors that detect if they've been taken out of the ear to automatically pause the music.