Apple Rumored to Split iTunes in Separate Apps

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Apple is now rumored to split the app iTunes into two separate apps / Photo by: Robert Barlow via Wikimedia Commons


Apple Inc is currently developing standalone Music and Podcast apps for the next version of its Mac operating system along with a redesign of Mac's Books app, a report from USA Today states.

The news agency says these media apps would join the soon-to-be-launched version of the TV app that the iPhone maker announced last month, which was said to be coming to its Mac computers in the fall.

The first report on the iTunes split was made by tech website 9to5Mac, which suggested that the music software will likely stay for a while amid rising questions on its long-term future when the rumors are proven to be true.

USA Today says this persistent presence would be likely due to the fact that iTunes is still the method in which some users manually sync their Apple devices to their computer.

It adds that the 9to5Mac report anchored on unnamed sources who were said to have knowledge about the upcoming version of the Mac OS, which rumors say Apple will showcase during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

The report also came after developer Steve Troughton-Smith recently tweeted that he was "fairly confident" Apple would develop such apps for the new Mac OS—all of which are based on evidence that he doesn't "wish to make public at this point."

Troughton-Smith added that the separate apps would likely represent the next batch of "Marzipan apps." These applications are based on code and tools that developers can use for easier app porting on iPhones and iPads to the Mac, which effectively narrows the gap between the iOS and Mac OS.

Apple has yet to confirm nor deny the rumors, but USA Today says there seems to be "a lot of truth here" and the outcome could be a win for both the consumer and the company—especially with the iPhone maker posed to introduce its Apple TV+ service in the fall.