Adoption of Automation will Enhance Security Function: Survey


Automation and artificial intelligence are some of the many technologies that are changing the security landscape / Photo by: MrGRA via Wikimedia Commons


Automation and artificial intelligence are some of the many technologies that are changing the security landscape, with automation providing a solution to the problem of being understaffed, according to the 2019 Ponemon Institute and DomainTools survey.

Respondents of the survey, consisting of 1,400 security professionals from the United States, the United Kingdom, and APAC countries, said automation will relieve information technology (IT) professionals of time-consuming and non-cost-effective workload.

Information Age reports that respondents from the US (65 percent) and the UK (59 percent) were also confident that automation is the key to enhancing their IT security staff's capacity to do their job.

“Within just one year, the perspective around adoption of automated technologies has notably shifted among security professionals,” said Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute.

He added that organizations feel these solutions will help in elevating current strain on resources and that they offer the possibility of promoting job for staff with higher skills. All of these while the enterprise strengthens their cybersecurity defenses.

Meanwhile, only 48 percent of APAC respondents shared the same sentiments. APAC IT professionals (37 percent) are also more likely to distrust AI as a tool for security compared to the UK (31 percent) and US (24 percent) respondents.

Skill shortages also came out lower in the APAC region with only 67 percent against the UK's 70 percent and 78 percent in the US. Information Age says this could explain the different levels of dependence and trust on automation and AI across regions. Majority of those who perceived AI as a trusted security tool (53 percent of respondents) said a shortage of staff is the main reason why their organization moved to adopt the selection.

Corin Imai, the senior security advisor at DomainTools, said the overall results of the survey indicate that security professionals are confident in automation's capability to ease their workload, as well as increase accuracy of certain tasks, without putting job security at risk.

“Although there are geographical differences in the level of confidence placed in AI and automation as security tools, the reasons that motivate their adoption—relieving overworked teams, preventing downtime and business disruptions, reducing threats created by operating in the global digital economy, etc.—seem to be consistent across regions, suggesting that goals and expectations are aligned for organizations across the globe.