Digital Transformation Crucial for Business Development and Survival: IT Professionals

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IT professionals agreed that digital transformation is a crucial role in a business' survival / Photo by: Peshkova via Shutterstock


The emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will see initiatives on digital transformation sweeping enterprises, which most IT professionals consider as a necessary tool for business survival, according to a Masergy report released on Wednesday.

Four out of five IT professionals believe that digital transformation will not only be beneficial for businesses but also serve as a safety net for an organization to survive escalating competition in enterprises. TechRepublic says that the Masergy report surveyed tech experts from large and small firms across 35 companies to gain knowledge on current sentiments toward digital transformation.

The report found that aside from enhancing customer experience, digital transformation is among the top two strategic priorities for most IT professionals surveyed. It noted that initiatives on digital transformation provide a variety of benefits to the enterprise.

Respondents said some of the major benefits include improved customer experience (22 percent), maintaining competitiveness in the industry (16 percent), and increased productivity (14 percent).

Masergy also found that top major investments in such initiatives include migration to cloud (22 percent), enhanced security (18 percent), data analytics (17 percent), and networks defined by software (11 percent).

However, TechRepublic reports Masergy saying that all significant changes also come with equally significant challenges.

Most obstacles in digital transformation are associated with implementation, which suggests that the maturity of technologies and IT infrastructures are not the concern.

Among the respondents, 22 percent said their organization's major issue is budget while 20 percent said their top concern is top-down support, 18 percent said in-house skills, and 15 percent said the organization itself.

Problems on in-house skills pertain to the lack thereof, which forces companies to look beyond the organization. About 64 percent of respondents said their organizations receive critical aid from outside partners in order to successfully launch and execute efforts on digital transformation.

"Executives recognize that digital transformation is largely dependent upon innovative technology services and outside partners that deliver on competitive IT agility," said James Parker of Masergy in a press release.