Cybersecurity Will Benefit From Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning will soon be beneficial in helping push the cybersecurity initiative / Photo by: Jakub Jirsak via 123RF


Artificial intelligence and machine learning will soon be beneficial in helping push the cybersecurity initiative, as states that the two technologies could help make computers more discerning and be better able to decide things based on trend detection.


Mainly, artificial intelligence is where machine learning came from, with the latter assisting computers be more independent when it comes to acquiring and absorbing knowledge “without predetermines and overt program writing.”


In this case, machine learning will be better able to help computers with coping with heavier computing that they will be doing as the push for more useful technology continue to usher in bulks of data. When this happens, incorporating machine learning and AI can help computers process information faster, and therefore be more effective during moments when the computers may be subject to “a lot of different, contemporary, untried unfamiliar settings, challenges, innovations, versions, etc.”


Machine learning can help companies’ cybersecurity programs to have more “extraordinary insights” which can then easily help direct the computer to a quicker process of detecting any malicious content or suspicious network traffic.


Independently, machine learning has the capacity to be beneficial in, say, agriculture, where it can track growths in crops and improve the yield. An app was used in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, which was tested in June 2016.


Needless to say, the app was successful, clocking in a yield per hectare of nearly 30%.


As the world becomes more and more reliant on technology, cybersecurity continues to be a bigger and bigger issue, as it poses serious threats in big companies and small ones alike. So much so that governments even issue SMEs tips on securing their data even if they don’t have the financial resources to launch a large-scale cybersecurity program.


Equipping corporate data protection systems with machine learning and AI will also help integrate the technologies together.