SK Telecom and Yonsei Partner for Korea's 5G-Powered Hospital


Yonsei University and SK Telecom made a partnership to build the first 5G Hospital in South Korea / Photo by: Soybean flour via Wikimedia Commons


It seems that there is no other sector that benefits more in the world of improved technology better than the healthcare industry does, as Future IOT reports that South Korea wants to make their first “5G-Powered” hospital that will source its help from artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and other technologies.

The report stated that this vision was shared by both the Yonsei University Health System and SK Telecom that jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on April 26, 2019. As per the agreement, “the two companies will work together to build the Yongin Severance Hospital, which is scheduled to open in February 2020.”

SK Telecom is putting their effort into making the hospital the best it can be as it said that SK will be equipping it with the AI speaker NUGU, which it has developed for patients with disabilities. The company said the technology will help the patients to control their beds, lighting, or even the TV with just their voice.

An augmented reality (AR) indoor navigation service is also expected to be part of the hospital, something both SK and Yonsei hope will be able to help lessen the loneliness of patients in isolation wards. So that they will be able to see their visitors, the isolation wards will be equipped with holograms to “virtually e-meet visitors.”

The hospital network, of course, will also be improved upon, as the report also mentioned that technologies like facial recognition and other control systems will help improve the security of the hospital, while “quantum cryptography” is expected to “secure the network.”

“SK Telecom’s partnership with Yonsei University Health System carries significant meaning, as it represents a new level of collaboration between two different industries,” said Park Jung-ho, president and CEO of SK Telecom, in a news release.

“SK Telecom will work closely with the Yonsei University Health System to build the world’s best 5G-enabled hospital by utilizing cutting-edge ICT,” he added.