Employee training - The start of cybersecurity

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The recent Petya ransomware attack on computers is another reminder that the machines play a crucial part in most enterprises, and it requires nothing big to disrupt these machines.

Mohammed Basheer, IT security practice head, ISYX Technologies, warns that users are still the proverbial chink in the armor in a company's cybersecurity, despite an information security system's robustness.

It is often said that the staff is both a company's greatest asset and greatest risk. This reality, which is initially held in the field of customer relations, can now be observed in data security.

Users are both the first line of defense against cyber attacks and the business's most vulnerable spot.

People are seen as a very large attack point, and organizations can minimize potential attacks through an effective organization-wide security awareness program.

Untrained employees are notorious for being the targets of majority of data breaches. Those who target businesses need not to devote more time and money to conquer the technology, as mentioned in an article published in IT-Online's website.

Rather, they would stick to the method of infecting the user with ransomware, where users are sent emails by spammers that contain harmful features.

Now, it is crucial to implant ICT security awareness at all levels of an organization, yet there is a need to establish a balance. This balance can be accomplished if employees have knowledge of the risks their online activities possess and be able to manage it, without sacrificing productivity.

Information security awareness must become a part of an organization's culture, and business leaders must guarantee that their awareness programs presents all of the crucial cyber security tenets.

At the end of an education and awareness initiative, all users must know how to discern security threats and to respond to security incidents.

Photo by: Sage Ross / Wikimedia Commons