Robots Are More Involved in Our World Than We Think


Many of us know that robots are involved in our daily lives but study revealed that the robots are more involved than we think / Photo by: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay


We know what robots look like (or are made to look like) on TV. We are plied with information about what sentient robots may seem to act and how--if they rise--we can hope to defeat them. The bottomline is just that one day we will awaken to a world with more robots than we realize, and we wouldn’t know what to do then.


However, the real deal is that robots are actually more integrated into our world than we realize. Put simply, any robot, as told by Jonathan Roberts of, is any machine “that moves, or has moving parts, and that makes basic decisions while interacting with the world.” So, the important thing to ask when we see a machine is if it is “interacting” with the world.


Robots are all around us; maybe not in front of us, talking to us like we’re part of each other’s world. But we’re connected enough that we actually use robots in things like sorting rice--basically our food industry--or even through medical service.


As is known, the healthcare industry seems to be the most accommodating of these new tech, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s the industry that has embraced the technology of robots in their process. How are they using it, then? According to Roberts, many medical programs now are using training robots to prepare medical school students for the real hospital workplace.


Their job is to “simulate various conditions and give student health workers the ability to practice diagnosis and treatment of various conditions before they go near a real person.”


The recent news about a police robot prototype may just be entry-level knowledge for anyone thinking about robots in the police force, but according to the article, trained snipers in the police have usually been trained through the use of robots.


Marathon Targets is already taking advantage of this career opportunity, selling a “range of highly capable mobile robots that can be shot at by military and police trainees.”


While some other robots are even flushed down the drain to inspect sewers and do maintenance, others are employed in big online shopping companies, literally being tasked to do the heavy lifting.