Marshall Launches New Impressive Retro Portable Speakers


Headphone company Marshall announced the release of two new portable speakers oozing with a retro vibe / Photo by: Matti Blume via Wikimedia Commons


Headphone company Marshall announced the release of two new portable speakers oozing with a retro vibe.

The speakers, the Stockwell II and Tufton, are the new additions to Marshall's impressive roster of speakers along with Kilburn II, which was launched last year.

According to TechCrunch, the new speakers stand literally and figuratively tall apart from the rest of the legendary amplifier company's speakers as portable models with their vertical orientation, internal batteries, wireless capabilities, and a rugged casing that could survive outdoor trips.

Even though it runs on battery, which can operate for six hours, the Tufton continues to impress as it produces clear and powerful sound. Due to its large size and heavy weight, the Tufton is harder to carry around.

TechCrunch says this means Tufton is not the perfect speaker for backpacking, although its durable casing—given an IPX4 water-resistant rating—makes it tough enough to handle nearly any kind of weather.

Being much smaller than Tufton, Stockwell II is only about the same size as an iPad Mini but is as thick as a phone book. It is equipped with an internal battery that can last up to four hours.

Stockwell II sports a tough casing although it's less durable than the Tufton since the smaller speaker has an IPX2 rating. In spite of its small size, the speaker's music quality is still as impressive as Marshall's bigger speakers.

While it doesn't produce a pounding sound like the Tufton, which is appropriate for a gathering around a backwoods bonfire, the Stockwell II is a great personal speaker that can be used for a quiet campfire.

Just like other Marshall speakers, the new additions live up to the brand name with their great balance of sound as well as a classic design—even though they cost more compared to their stationary counterparts ($249 for Stockwell II and $399 for Tufton at retail price).