Mira Robotics Introduces Robots That Can Help With the House Chores


One robot was invented by Mira Robotics, a Japanese startup company to help people with their household chores / Photo by: Emran Kassim via Flickr


Ultimately, the purpose of robots and technology is to help humans live better, more comfortable lives. They are either solutions to problems or improvements of those solutions, often motivated by the need to make the situation better than what the past has offered.

Mira Robotics wants to help out with that vision, introducing the Ugo robot, which is designed to “carry out a variety of household tasks” just a year after the company was founded. That’s an impressive feat and says a lot about the vision of the company.

Mira Robotics announced that they plan to make it available in the market next year and that it will be able to do menial tasks at home that can help housewives or ease the lives of those who live alone. The Verge reports that so far, the company has ingrained skill sets in the robot that can give it the capability to fold laundry or empty a washing machine.

According to Mira CEO Ken Matsui, although these things are just small tasks, it will be a precedent for the future of what robotics can further be programmed to do.

In short, they could be folding laundry now, but in the future, they can help with even more complex tasks like cooking or probably even helping out with buying groceries.

The future for Mira, as Matsui said, is remote-controlled robots that the company hopes will be able to “provide a variety of help in the home environment.”

People should probably not expect too much of Ugo, though, when it does come out in 2020, especially since its features will predictably only include programs and codes that would only really allow you to use it for that pesky laundry pile.

When asked about the target demographic of the product, Matsui said that they are hoping to sell the product to double-income families with children, citing that these are usually the ones who do not have enough time at home and are busily switching from doing their jobs in the office to taking care of the children.