Google to tackle unemployment market with new app

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Photo by: Pixabay

Small and medium-sized businesses will now be able to add Hire to their Google G Suite apps. Along with Gmail, Sheets, Docs, and Calendar, Hire will help businesses organize applicants and their resumes.

The app comes in a timely manner with the May launch of Google for Jobs for people on the job hunt.

Google has yet to announce how much the addition will be, but sources confirm that it will depend on how many people a company employs.

Dimitri Krakovsky, Google’s vice president of enterprise apps and platform, said that much of the technology used to power Hire will be taken from their recent purchase of Bebop, an app created for similar purposes by head cloud chief Diane Greene. The tech giant bought Greene’s app this past November for $380 million.

Though Google’s Suite software is their first step into the business sphere, Hire will be their first attempt to connect employers to potential employees.

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Krakovsky stated that the new app will integrate with the rest of Suite’s programs. This means that employers setting up interviews through Gmail will see the meetings already scheduled on their calendar.

Although the app could be huge for large companies, Google intends for Hire to cater to smaller businesses. Krakovsky pointed out that because global offices might differ in hiring regulations from region to region, Hire will instead be a tool for businesses located within cities or states.