Uber Rolls Out "Quiet Mode" Feature on Black and Black SUV Rides

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Uber Technologies now made a new upgrade in their system by launching the" Quiet Mode," which allows users to ask for minimal conversation during their ride / Photo by: Stock Catalog via Flickr


Uber Technologies Inc. is finally giving in to the most requested feature of users, as it launches the "Quiet Mode," which allows users to ask for minimal conversation during their ride.

The new feature is free and will be made available in the United States starting tomorrow, but it's only available for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides.

With the new feature, riders can select various modes from "Quiet Preferred," "Happy to Chat," or just leave the setting at "No Preference." The demand for silence might convince more riders to pool in more cash for Uber's more expensive vehicle types for them to work, nap, take a call, or simply relax while on their ride.

"Quiet Mode comes as part of a new slate of Rider Preferences features that users can set up before they hail an Uber Black or SUV, but not while waiting for their ride or while in the car," Josh Constine, a tech journalist, wrote on TechCrunch.

He added that other preferences include a "Bags" option, which allows users to say they have luggage with them, and "Temperature control," which enables riders to request the car be either warm or cold.

In December, Constine was among Uber users to request a "Quiet Ride Mode" on the ride-sharing app after suggesting it last July.

"The feedback I received from many male readers was that there are worse things than having to chat with a friendly driver, and it’s rude or dehumanizing to demand they stay silent," he wrote.

The tech journalist added that female riders would also be drawn to using the feature. He said women users often feel uncomfortable when male drivers constantly try to strike up a conversation with them, which could lead to unwanted flirtation since the driver is in control. Moreover, most riders would feel rude or scared to reject a conversation with their driver and ask them to be quiet out loud.

"That’s why I hope Uber plans to expand this to UberX as well as international markets, though the company had nothing to share on that."