The Benefits of Carrying Multiple Gadgets


Smartphones may give a convenience on the user especially a tech person but it is also advisable to bring an extra gadget that has the sole function that a smartphone also has / Photo by: Max Pixel


The appeal of the smartphone is that it’s an all-in-one device that helps aid fast-moving people in their fast-paced lives. Are you a reporter that needs that story for tomorrow? Then fear not, for every smartphone has a recorder. Do you want to take Instagram-worthy shots for your personal page to reflect back on? By all means, here’s a camera with filters.


But as Popular Science points out, though this generally works in the interest of efficiency, sometimes, it can also be rewarding to bring along some extra gadgets.


For instance, cameras have evolved to be amazing parts of smartphones today. This much is true with the innovations that Huawei even has. That 50x optical zoom is the stuff of legends. However, there’s still usually nothing more satisfying than investing in a pro-level DSLR camera, especially when cameras have the luxury of being more customizable, in a sense.


For example, cameras offer more settings to adjust lighting. We all know that taking pictures is often about the lighting and the angle, but with a legitimate camera, you can adjust these things better than you can on a phone.


How about reading?

Popular Science also suggests that e-readers are also important gadgets to have, especially if you’re the type who wants to just recline on a bench in the park and read some Jane Austen.


Ordinarily, this can also be done with your smartphone, but sometimes, investing in a tab or an e-reader can even help you minimize the risk of things like eye fatigue or eye strain, which often accompanies the compensation you do with your eyes just to read text better.


An e-reader is much bigger, and can help you manipulate the pages better.


There is also the case for digital music players. At this point, we have entire libraries of music in our phones all at the touch a button, but having a legitimate digital music player can help you listen to music undisturbed and also help you conserve some phone battery.