Big Data Startups Helping Uganda for the Better

Big Data

Unknown to many but startup companies in Uganda are now helping its people for the better using big data / Photo by: Numbercfoto via Pixabay


It may not be known to a great many, but startups in Uganda are actually surprisingly impressive and is also currently helping businesses and individuals “get most of their data” and push for more innovation in certain sectors.

Tech Jaja breaks down five of Uganda’s startups that are currently making waves in society.

First up is Swipe2Pay, a “web and mobile payments solution that democratizes electronic payments for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the East African region.” What Swipe2Play does is actually to provide people with an easier way to “accept mobile money and VISA as a mode of payment.”

They also offer an easy-to-understand dashboard equipped with adequate tools to manage and view sales, orders, and etc.

AkelloBanker, which was started in order to help farmers issue cash credit, products are being offered through credit and are usually brought to the public via USSD, SMS, and mobile money that “utilizes credit scores as a basis for instant credit underwriting to borrowers.”

They are also in collaboration with SACCOS, which gathers information around the communities and provides them with information like these people’s ability to manage credit and understand digital things.

ASIGMA Data is also one that collects information from organizations to then “add value to organizations.” ASIGMA’s focus mostly on renewable energy, agribusiness (which is big in Africa), and digital financial services.

Meanwhile, Development Initiatives (DI) is an independent developmental organization that focuses on managing Africa’s impoverished areas, on their operations on “poverty eradication and sustainable development.”  

Finally, there is Zindi Africa, which aims to encourage scientists, engineers, academics, companies, NGOs, governments, and institutions provide for and focus on meaningful technology and solutions that can greatly impact Africa’s “most pressing problems.” These are done through data science competitions that are held throughout Africa with the help of companies, non-profit organizations, and government institutions.