Cybersecurity Expert Expresses Concern Over the Extent of Google’s Reach

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One cybersecurity expert is now having worries about the reach of Google into every aspects of cyberspace / Photo by: Austin McKinley via Wikimedia Commons


In case you didn’t know, Google tracks your purchase.


This is a fact of life that cybersecurity expert David Shipley, who also works as the CEO of Fredericton-based Beauceron Security, has recently opened up about to CBC. He shares that as tech companies only continue to integrate themselves further into our lives, he worries about his ability to consent to other people having his information, what they can do with that data, and the amount of power they gain every time they do it.


People already know what he’s talking about. Go on Amazon for a short while on your computer, shop for shoes, dresses. And then think about which burger to order on Burger King, and the next time you search on Google’s search bar, the advertisements on sites you click on is suddenly all about burgers and shoes.


Shipley illustrates his worry by beginning with using Gmail as an example, a platform which seemed incredibly harmless before, but is now actually just creepy in the sense that Google virtually has access to everyone’s mail.


According to him, the fault of Google in this regard is that they didn’t give people the choice to opt out of this system. There was virtually no way out except to agree. Shipley says this would have been an important part of privacy had Google actually cared to put it in in the first place.


Google spoke up about this, officially saying that if users don’t want personalized advertising, they do have a toggle that basically undoes it. Regarding the data collected, though, Google spokesperson Nicole Bell said via email that this only accounts for a small amount of data collected by the company.


However, Shipley, and unsurprisingly, also many others, know that regardless of what Google says, the fact remains that it is collecting data that has overarching influence in our lives.


"It is, from an information, privacy and control standpoint, absolutely staggering to realize just how far into everyone's life Google reaches … If you're using the web, you're touching Google at some point in your day," Shipley adds.