Microsoft might brush off Paint app in upcoming Windows 10 update

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Users of the Microsoft Paint application might soon suffer from separation anxiety after Microsoft announced that it is mulling the non-inclusion of the app in the upcoming update of Windows 10.

A CNBC special report revealed that Microsoft released a list that labeled Paint as “deprecated”, meaning it could be removed from the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update due to be released later this year.

The simple editing graphics application has been around for nearly 32 years.  Paint was one of the most used applications when the first version of Windows called Windows 1.0 was launched in November 1985. It was originally a licensed version of PC Paintbrush which was made by ZSoft Corporation.

In the beginning, Paint supported 1-bit monochrome graphics, and it was not until Windows 98 that users could save images in the well-known JPEG file format.  Last year, Microsoft unveiled Paint 3D, a new, more advanced version of the classic software that allowed users to create three-dimensional images.

Other features that might be killed in the next Windows 10 update include Outlook Express and the reader app, which Microsoft said will be integrated into its Edge browser.

Despite never really having a huge practical usage versus other apps such as Adobe's Photoshop, the iconic Paint application has endeared itself to many Windows users.  The simplicity with which how it introduced painting on a computer was perhaps what made it so popular.

The Fall update of Windows 10 has no definite release date yet, and it is not completely confirmed whether Paint will be axed. But the prospect of the death of Paint is already getting some users upset on social media.

Photo by: Navarr Barnier / Flickr