UEM Edgenta exceeds expectations through smart buildings


UEM Edgenta Bhd (formerly known as Faber Group Bhd) is rolling out a new smart building system that enables owners to save 10 to 20 percent on a typical building’s overall cost.

The Smart Facilities Management Solution, UEM Edgenta’s smart building system, is an application of the Internet of Things (IoT) where computing devices in everyday objects use the internet to send and receive data. The program is developed based on Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub and Machine Learning tools.

Azmir Merican, UEM Edgenta managing director and CEO said, “A lot of our businesses will be disrupted over the next couple of years … All frontline businesses will be changed because of technology.”

“This is the most sensorized building in the country,” claims Azmir. “We have installed about 4,800 IoT sensors that compile data all the time,” he added. The data is monitored and analyzed to enhance energy efficiency and other functions. Such improvements range from automatically turning off the air conditioning in empty rooms to identifying the optimal positioning of lifts during periods of heavy usage. According to Amzir, the system can also detect anomalies and capable of flagging required maintenance before an actual breakdown.

The cost savings would come from lower overall energy cost as well as reduced labor cost as maintenance staff can be deployed more efficiently. The set-up cost is not prohibitive. “For any building of this size (Menara UEM is 29 storeys high), you can spend just a few hundred thousand ringgit and get most of what you can see (in the monitoring room),” Azmir says.

Photo by: Suryasuharman via Wikimedia Commons