Cloud services gave SAP Brazil a threefold revenue growth

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SAP Brazil has reported a threefold increase in its second quarter results, mostly driven by cloud-based products sales.

Ariba, a cloud procurement platform, was the best seller during the period, along with HANA Enterprise Cloud (a cloud hosting service), and the SAP Cloud Platform (platform-as-a-service) offering who unusually has disclosed names of some large clients who signed up for the second quarter.

SAP is also focusing on boosting sales in the small- and medium-enterprise segment, where it also achieved a three-digit growth in the second quarter.

"The way we achieve good results has changed. We used to have very large, long-term projects that used to be the anchor of the business. Now, it's all about smaller solutions, cloud projects, growth in the small and medium enterprise segment," said SAP Brazil President, Cristina Palmaka.

However, Palmaka said to ZDNet earlier this year that “SAP's bullish performance in the country is supported by the volume of the current project portfolio rather than a strong performance in specific sectors.”

SAP Mexico, as well as Brazil, achieved a threefold revenue growth in cloud subscription in Q2. According to the firm, sales in Latin America as a whole, continue to do well when it comes to the cloud, with double-digit growth seen in Q2, compared to the same period last year.

Photo by: Marc_Smith via flickr