Amazon’s Cloud Service conforming to the “Great Firewall”

Big Data

A Chinese company that operates Amazon’s cloud-computing and online services business there told local customers to stop from using any software that would allow the Chinese to bypass the country’s wide-ranging system of internet blocks. The company, called Beijing Sinnet Technology and operator of the American company’s Amazon Web Services operations in China, sent a round of emails to customers on July 28 and another on July 31.

A woman surnamed Wang, an operator at the Sinnet service hotline said, “If users don’t comply with the guidance, the offered services and their websites can be shut down.” She also added, “We, the operators also check routinely if any of our users use these softwares or store illegal content.”

The emails that were sent among its customers are the most recent sign of a widening campaign by China’s government to block access to software that gets over the Great Firewall, the nickname for the sophisticated internet filters that China uses to stop its people from gaining access to Facebook, Google, and Twitter, as well as foreign news media outlets.

While China is not a major market for Amazon, the company has been in the country for a long time and has been pushing its cloud computing services there. The company also announced a partnership with the state-run telecom China Mobile to create a Kindle, the Amazon’s e-reader device, aimed at the local Chinese market.

Photo by: Unknown via Wikimedia Commons