IBM provides better security for connected cars and IoT


IBM announced earlier this week the launch of its two new security testing services focused on automotive security and the Internet of Things (IoT). These new services will be provided by the IBM X-Force Red researchers, who will focus on testing backend processes, apps, and physical hardware used to control access and management of smart systems. The new IoT services will be delivered alongside the Watson IoT Platform to provide security services specifically designed for organizations developing IoT solutions for all industries. For connected car service, IBM X-Force Red will work with automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. estimates that the production of new automobiles equipped with data connectivity in 2020 would reach 61 million. With 58 percent of organizations testing their IoT applications only during the production phase, the potential for introducing hackers into existing systems remains at a high rate.

"It's not just about the technology, it is also about the global reach, investment, and collaborative approach, which make IBM a trusted IoT partner for enterprise IoT solutions," said James Murphy, Offering Manager of IBM Watson IoT Platform.

"With IoT technologies permeating the farthest corners of industry, IBM is bringing our Watson IoT Platform and X-Force Red security talent together to address present and future concerns,” he added.

IBM X-Force Red and Watson IoT Platform, together with the recently legislated Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017, will be a big help in securing device and password from possible vulnerabilities.

Photo by: Rosemaryetoufee via Wikimedia Commons